Facebook Zeus malware targeting bank accounts

by paganinip on June 7th, 2013

Facebook-Zeus-297x300Principal security firms detected a new variant of Facebook Zeus malware that is exploiting the popular social network to target user’s bank accounts.

A Facebook Zeus malware variant (aka ZeuS/ZBOT) has been detected by principal security firms confirming the longevity of malicious code and the ability of cybercrime to customize it according to its needs.

Symantec was one of the first companies to detect the Facebook Zeus virus and its capability to drain user’s bank accounts, the malicious code exploits phishing messages as a method of propagation. A compromised account is used to automatically send messages to its contact with links to ads, usually to video or product.

NetTraveler, new global cyber espionage campaign from Kaspersky

by paganinip on June 5th, 2013

NetTraveler-campaign-300x270NetTraveler cyber espionage campaign, revealed by Kaspersky’s team, targeted over 350 high profile victims from 40 countries.

NetTraveler, this is the name of a new global cyber espionage campaign revealed by researchers at Kaspersky, the team of experts discovered an espionage activity against over 350 high profile victims from 40 countries.

Human error causes most data breaches, Ponemon study finds

Warwick Ashford
Wednesday 05 June 2013 13:42

Human errors and system problems caused two-thirds of data breaches in 2012, according to the latest Cost of Data Breach Study by Symantec and the Ponemon Institute.

Issues include employees mishandling confidential data, lack of system controls and violations of industry and government regulations.

Profiling the offer in criminal underground

by paganinip on June 9th, 2013

undergroundcybercrimePeriodic analysis of the evolution of the offer in the underground criminal thanks to the efforts of experts such as Dancho Danchev.

The offer of cyber criminals in the underground is very dynamic and articulated and its observation is a privileged point of view for better understand how evolve cyber threats.

Recently we have spoken of new serviced that adopted curious monetization models for botnet renting such as the “pay per execution” and we have seen how the underground has reacted to the shutdown of the Liberty Reserve currency scheme.